Exploring regional mushroom and lichen dye palettes

International Fungi & Fibre Symposium 2022

Port Townsend, WA USA

We are sad to say that due to Covid-19, the International Fungi and Fibre Symposium is postponed until it is safe to gather again. We look forward to hosting this exciting, week long conference as soon as it is possible. Fingers crossed for October, 2022.

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Alissa introduced me to Mushroom and Lichen dyes few years ago.  She started me on a path of no return.... I join the local fungus federation, became a mushroom hunter ... a dyer... basically ran down the rabbit hole of 2 international conferences .... endless dyeing , many friends all over the world and engagement with  nature in my area that I never knew existed....        Highly recommended with a warning : no turning back!

Yonat Michaelov Santa Cruz, CA

Alissa taught two full workshops for our folk school (The Homestead Atlanta) and I couldn't imagine working with a better instructor. Her wealth of knowledge, engagement with the materials and the participants, her professionalism and top-notch level of preparation (even when traveling!) were unparalleled. As for the dyeing experience itself, it was nothing short of magical! We couldn't believe the gorgeous colors we were able to create. We were all so excited to discover this natural rainbow originating under our feet together. Don't miss the opportunity to experience Alissa's workshops.

Kimmy Coburn - Founder of Homestead Atlanta

Alissa’s class was an amazing experience for our Northern BC town. She opened our eyes to the amazing rainbow of mycopigment dyes growing in our area, and facilitated a fun and educational dye class. Her foraging wisdom was also such a valuable part of the workshop and we learned so much about our forests that we never knew before! Everyone loved the experience!

Kristen Cooper Nutbrown Fort Saint James, BC