Host a Workshop

We appreciate your interest in hosting a workshop. Mycopigments workshops are unlike any other. Our workshops are customized for every group, in every region. We take our time to connect with each student, meeting them where they are on their mushroom and lichen dye journey. We are passionate about fungi and the role they play in our lives; sharing that with others is our goal. We have been studying wild mushrooms and lichens for over two decades, and our hands-on approach to exploring wild fungi through color is unique and unrivaled.

Working with dyes made from mushrooms and lichens requires you to slow down and engage more deeply with the natural world. This class will connect you to Earth in new ways. It will prepare you for exploring the fungal dye palette in your region, and have you seeing mushrooms wherever you go!

Please answer the following questions to help us better understand your interest so we can customize a workshop that is just right for you.